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Green Vale Farm

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handcrafted cheese curds/blocks

We hand make all of our cheese and curds in the licensed plant on the farm. The cows are milked in the morning and the cheese is made from that milk the same day! Guaranteed freshness comes in every bag, as the cheese is hand packaged the following day and then put on the shelf to be sold!

meats - beef, pork & chicken

Our meats are raised on the farm and harvested at a local USDA inspected facility. They are fed natural grains along with some forages, We can promise that all of our animals are hormone and antibiotic free! Our beautifully marbled meats are packaged and vacuum sealed to preserve taste, freshness and quality!

farm puzzles and merchandise

Heidi loves to take photos of all her precious animals and the beauty of nature on the farm often. These have been captured with a smile, and printed to bring the same smile to your face so you can see the beauty of life on the farm as well! All of the pieces are sturdy and coated to give a smooth beautiful finish.

Our sweatshirts and shirts are made soft and comfortable to fit true to size.


This century old farm still carries a historical story that is told often. It still brings warmth, coziness and a sheltered home to many different animals. These walls have seen many turkeys, chickens, cows, calves, and pigs, but this is just the beginning! We have many hopes and dreams for this place, and you are more than welcome to visit any time the farm store is open! There is so much to see from the animals to the structure of the barn along with visiting the store!

thank you for letting us be your farmer

we believe in working hard while raising and making food the right way

customer reviews

Heidi is hands down one of the nicest and hard working people I have ever met. We purchased half a steer and have never been more happy with the quality of beef. You simply cant go wrong here, I recommend it all!

Nancy Duchaine

I really enjoy the cheeses and have also been really pleased with the meat. I never thought I would enjoy round steak so much! The bacon is excellent as well. You can't get meat like this from Meijer or any grocer. A true gem that I'm really glad to have found!

Megan Godbold

Beautiful drive to get there. Amazing meat selection and to die for.. cheeses!!! They were knowledgeable people and it was a delightful experience. TOTALLY going back for more asap!

Mj Hyde

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